What would You Like To Know About Psychic Reading

Free psychic reading is very essential in revealing how you should manage your business to avoid loss. It is quit an immune system to misfortune in everything of your plans.

Sheik Moosa   helps with free psychic reading Magic Spell helps to guide you in the direction of success by making you more aware of how to best take advantage of your circumstances. Don’t be surprised if a lot of little “coincidences” start guiding you down a slightly different path that helps to increase your success. I have business success spells to help your business succeed, business money spells to solve all your money problems in your business, business sale spells to increase your business sales and business profit sales to increase your business profit.

It’s very important with this spell that you listen to and follow those hunches! This spell will work with your intuition to guide you down the right path. It will also heighten your senses and increase your communication skills so that you will be able to communicate more effectively with anyone connected with your business.

How to manage Cash flow Business Spells

Cash flow is the movement of money into or out of a business as such cash-flow is the life-blood of any business and to a great extent determines business success or failure.

Professor Bernard can provide you with a business cash flow spell, that will enable you to effectively manage you cash and succeed in business.

Caste Sales Business Spells

The more sales, the more money you make, Dr sheik Moosa has business sales spells that will attract buying clients to your business. The business sales spells will make your products more appealing thus increasing your sales.

Whatever product or service you are selling, if you want to increase sales, get yourself a business sale spell.

Benefit in Turnover Business Spells

Turnover or revenue is used to measure how good you are selling your products, the Doctor combines intricate business knowledge and potent cosmic business turnover spells to increase your revenue, helping you make extra-ordinary profits.

If you are serious about your business succeeding, get yourself one of my powerful business turnover spells

Imagine Wining a tender with business spells

Do you want to win a big government tender for your business that is worth a lot of money.

Join the tender entrepreneurship bandwagon with my tender business spell that will help your business win a big tender.

My business tender spell will make them attracted to your tender

Business success spells

Achieve success in your business after using my business success spells, that will guide you in the direction of success

The business success spell will help you discover money making business ideas, how to get more customers and will make you lucky in business. My business success spell will also banish all evil spells against your business. Continue to read

Bad To Sit Down and Do Nothing About You Bad Situation


if you sit and down and do nothing about your bad situation ,Then i laugh at you because the more you ignore it is the time running out and you become old and useless to be able to rebuild your luck. Sangoma muti for love spells, money spells, business spells and muti spells by South Africa’s most powerful traditional healing spiritual doctor Moosa

Sangoma healer is a powerful sangoma healer with sangoma magic, sangoma spells, sangoma witchcraft, traditional medicine, love spells and sangoma healing abilities that make him the most powerful sangoma

Communicates with ancestral spirits to enable him to get to the root cause of your health problems, financial problems, love problems or any problems you are facing in life.

Whatever your problem I will help you using my powerful psychic abilities and sangoma muti to cleanse your soul and cast away evil away so that you can succeed in life, love, business, work and education Learn More

I also have powerful herbal medicine or herbal remedies to cure illness and disease, cast out negative energies and forces, cleanse your spirit and communicate to the ancestors on your behalf.

I have hundreds of witchcraft spells and magic love spells from my Book of Shadows includes spells for money, Wicca, protection, dreams, beauty, healing, pregnancy, and more! call now for help
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Africans from South Africa gets healed from this way

. As jy is teleurgesteld en lyding vir ‘n lang tyd, nie meer bekommerd wees nie, hier is die ware magtige leier van alle vertrou eerlike geestelike genesers gesertifiseerde jou gemors skoon te maak en verloor. Hy gooi magie kragtige spel nie saak watter verte enige soort probleem of genesing siektes op te los nie saak hoe lank is julle tormenteer. Kry onmiddellike resultate gewaarborg geen gevaar. Klik hier op blou meer inligting op die webwerf te sien. Bel: +27783261944

Of gesels met hom direk vir ‘n gratis aanbod updates, konsultasie, deur op Twitter of Facebook-bladsy te kliek hier

Dankie vir u ondersteuning.

This spiritual psychic offers a large variety of herbal preparations and natural supplements that provide a non-invasive, non-toxic and effective approach for achieving and maintaining health. The inclusion of our products and spiritual services in your health regimen can be very beneficial fora wide range of problems and diseases.

Dkt, Moosa, njengelinye lamazwe Inyanga esingokomoya kunayo the Year in 2007, 2008, 2009 e-Cape Town, South Africa. Ethandana udokotela Isazi samakhambi zaboMdabu kanye umcwaningi enqubweni ukuphulukisa ngesisekelo futhi herbal remedy zokwelapha. Uyisihlobo winner uyaziqhenya wonke African Control Council Award For ukufeza Ukuphila-time in Astrology nezamakhambi Healing nemikhuba ezingokomoya futhi wabuye wamemezela wavakashela kunazo yomshado sokusebenza kwengqondo izwekazi Afrika fixed imishado abantu abaningi ngokusho testmonies kube.

sorry to say that i was a nagging wife to my beloved husband

ImageHow can i ever stop being thankful to Dr. Moosa the one i found is contact on this website www.spiritualherbalistdoctor.com for what he did for me, what other so-called spell-casters and witch-doctors could not do, that he did for me and i must share to the world the extent of his powers and how he attended to me wholesomely through this short article of my testimony. And not only will i talk about this god but i will also want you reading this, to pick gain and apply it so that you and your lover live a peaceful loving life.

Braniff Susan is my name and i originate from United States. Well, i am sorry to say that i was a nagging wife to my beloved husband and it wasn’t my fault, i just wanted my husband to be faithfully to me because my husband friends were flirts of women and i never wanted them to corrupt my husband. So, anytime he comes back from clubbing with his friends, or from office late i always nag and bring up quarrel against him and i felt i was doing the right thing but it came to a time that i was too over reactive on my husband and a quarrel ensued between us both and he decided we part ways by filing out divorce against me and he meant it. But i never wanted to leave him because he was the love of my life and the father of my kids and i came to know that he was really very faithful when he told me every temptations he received from sexy girls trying to befriend him and his friends trying to lure him to befriend them but because of his love for me and the kids that he always has rebuked them and now i am accusing him of having a lover outside and in anger, he called his lawyer to file a divorce against me and when i knew all these facts he told me, i was ashamed and i pleaded for forgiveness but he never listened to me and told me his actions were final and he left the house that day.

I was confused at first, the whole thing looked to me as film then the next day, i told my friend {Tiffany} about my husband’s action to divorce me and i sought advice from her but she told me not to worry at all, that all what i need do was to contact one Dr.moosa at drmoosa@hotmail.com to help save my marriage from divorce and then she warned me never again should i nag but anytime i feels my husband is going astray, i should just call him calmly and tell him that is action wasn’t right and made him understand than enhancing quarrel between we both. After Tiffany was through, i told her that concerning the contact she said i should make was one i will not as when i once had challenges with my health, after contacting 3 spell-casters and sending money to them, my illness was worst than before and whenever i contact others, all what they keep telling me was money, money and i told her maybe the same will still happen if i contact this Dr.Moosa but she laughed, telling me when her husband deserted her, the same doctor’s spell brought him back within 3 days and batted that if i contact Dr.Moosa without help coming forth, that our friendship be over and that i should see her as an enemy and when i saw she was mean to it, i had to check it out and i sent email to drmoosa@hotmail.com as she directed me, telling this doctor all what that transpired between me and my husband and how he keep friends with people i don’t like and how my friend has directed me to him.

I started to lose hope as he didn’t respond to my mail on-time but my friend told me to be patient that it was a virtue. Three days later, he replied me and assured me that he was going to help me, that he had been consulting his oracle on my behalf and that his gods is pleased with helping me and he said within 24 hours, i should come back with testimony of what i need from my husband. That was all, exactly a day he wrote to me, i was surprised and glad to see my husband come back home and call me “sweetheart, i had forgiven you and i have come to realize that when a wise walk with a fool, he soon will get foolish and he said he will try to avoid his friends and today, we are living happily with our kids.

Before i draw curtain, i must give kudos to Tiffany for helping me and to every woman out there, please stop nagging as you could trigger your husband to do an undo thing and if you’re a man, try to follow your wife advice and make her understand you. And to everyone in need of help to that marital challenges, health challenges, financial challenges or spiritual challenges, whatsoever challenges you’re in, i urge you today, to contact Dr.moosa and i bet you of solution to your problems for i believe if he can help me then certainly you can also be helped.

Let me give a little details of how i got this wonderful spiritual healer who helped me to get out my messed up life:

I searched Google and found http://www.spiritualherbalistdoctor.com and i got to roll down to the first page and found his cell number +27783261944 with email address drmoosa@hotmail.com. Luckly enough he was so quick to respond to my inquiry.

My name is Ileana Williams from London and I’m here to let you know that with what people say, it may seem impossible, but with what you believe, nothing is impossible.

My name is Ileana Williams from London and I’m here to let you know that with what people say, it may seem impossible, but with what you believe, nothing is impossible.

I made a promise to Dr. Moosa and to myself that when he restored my marriage, I would testify and tell the world, I would share every single detail no matter how shameful and embarrassing it would be, in the hope and knowledge that I would someday be able to bring some kind of hope for a hurting wife or husband who would’ve been going through what I once was. I don’t want to apportion blame too much here but suffice it to say we had some in-law issues which contributed greatly to our demise before I contacted Dr.Moosa from a post I read on a blog. DrMoosa showed up in the mist of my situation and calmed every storm, he brought peace to everybody. We are all happy and eat together in the same table today. when i saw drmoosa website http://www.drmoosa.webs.com i had a feeling that everything may turn positively prospering.

God bless you Dr Moosa .



Hi drmoosa ,this is Saba Govender. Durban -South Africa. Sorry,for the late reply. I was very busy. Thank you for the free reading. 
Thank you for your time and help. 

I asked you to do a free reading to see what is happening in my life. Whatever you picked up on is quite true. 

I wanted you to do a reading first then I wanted to tell you about my problem. 

I am going through a lot of black magic problems for the past 10 years. My sister-in-law was very jealous and was after the house. She was staying with us in the same house. After we came to know that she was doing black magic, we told she must move out. My sister-in-law became very angry and said that we will go everywhere for help,but we won't come right. She also said she will put my father six foot deep.

Now,for the past 4 years,my sister-in-law was sending a lot of negative things for me. Whenever I am alone lying down on the bed,my body gets paralyzed where I cannot move my body. Then a very tall negative energy comes and sit on the bed. It got big eyes,very long black hair and got clothes. It ask why I am still living,I am supposed to be dead. 

Now for the past 2 years, my sister and brother-in-law invited us for supper on Easter eve,they cooked some food outside fire. The whole day I was feeling very sick. I was getting very strong headaches. After eating the food my stomach was burning. Then after a few days later they said we come to the beach with them. We went and they had a braai. They had 2 separate containers of braai meat marinated. They took the first container of braai meat for them and said we must eat the second container of braai meat. They never touched the second container of braai meat to eat. They was keep saying we must eat it. After eating the braai meat at the beach,when we came home my stomach was burning and poking like a sharp bottle piece. 

Then 2 weeks later my sister and brother-in-law invited us for my nieces birthday party. We did not attend,but they sent some braai meat over. After I ate the braai meat,my stomach started to burn for 1 week. I felt something like a ball moving in my stomach. For another 2 weeks,I felt something like a ball keep going up and down my spine. I can't sleep at night. I also go into a deep sleep where I can't get up. I get very bad dreams. I get very strong headaches. My whole body pokes like pins and needles. My stomach pokes and burns. I also get a lot of strong pains under my feet. It also itches,burn,poke and vibrates. My body is very heavy and it vibrates. There is also very bad smell in the house. I have been to so many spiritual places for help and they said that I have jinns in my body. Now the jinns started to enter through my nostrils and sometimes comes out from my nostrils. They enter like a strong wind through my nostrils. The jinns are now in my womb. It is also in my number 1 and number 2 private place. I can see and feel something coming out like a rat from my private place. My private place pains,burns,itches,pokes,vibrates and gets wet. My underwear get wet. My condition is getting worse where these jinns come on the bed and is sleeping with me. It is really very frightening to experience these things happening to me. I went to many places for help and they said it is very strong. 

There was very loud busting noise on the tiles in the house and it is cracking by itself. 

They are also sending rats to our house. There is very bad smell in the house. 

My parents also ate the braai meat and have jinns in their body. My father suffers with his leg. My mother suffers with her stomach,back and left leg. 

We only know we ate the food and then we are having all these problems. We went to some places and found out that this thing came from the braai meat that we ate from my sister and brother-in-laws house. We trusted them so much. They should come everywhere with us to sort our problem out. They was very close to us and we didn't know they was also doing blackmagic for the past 4 years. 

We always knew all the time that my sister-in-law was doing blackmagic

My sister-in-law 4 years ago,said that she got someone who can help me sort my problem out. They took me to a Indian sai lady who works with African zanzibar and sangoma medicine. She did some prayers and asked for my past name. She told I must pray by all the hindu gods. She told I must have a 3 kind oil bath. She gave me a packet of ashes that I must mix with water and drink. After drinking the ashes mixed with water I started to feel very tired and sleepy. I went to sleep that night and from that very night something very tall,black tokolosh came by the bed and affected me. I couldn't move my entire body. It was getting like paralyzed. I was getting deep sleep. This tokolosh came and said it was sent for me. It came to kill me. It was asking why I am still living,I am supposed to be dead. Only when I die then it will go away. It also said it is not frightened for anybody,whoever I may go for help to sort my problem it won't come right. It is not frightened for any protection that I got. 

We had trusted them and we didn't know that the person my sister-in-law took us to was her contact. 

A year later,without our consent my sister-in-law told a sangoma to do a prayer for us. This man took 9 pieces of jewels,9 coins,horse tail,19 red roses,19 pokypines needles and our names and date of birth. He did a prayer by the graveyard at midnight. That same night while we was asleep,there was a very loud noise on the ceiling roof and I felt a very strong wind (jinn) entering through my nostrils. 

Now for the past 2 years,when we ate the braai meat from my nieces birthday party,they put jinns,spell and medicine which is pig fat in our stomachs,that which is stopping the jinns to come out from our bodies. The man who they went to, who did these blackmagic, took our photographs and names and buried it in the graveyard.

Now,last year december 2012,my sister and brother-in-law came to our house and said they got a good muslim man that can help us with our problem. We trusted them,so we blindly agreed. They then brought the muslim man to our house. He took a black cloth and covered our eyes. He gave some oil to drink. He put knots on a bunch of our hair and tied it with cotton. He took a green muslim sword and was praying. Then he cut a fowl,he gave life. He made voodoo dolls and put our names on a copper metal with the doll. He told we must put our footprint on the voodoo doll and cross over the doll. He told we must have a 3 kind oil bath. He cut and took a bunch of our hair which he tied into knots with cotton. He wanted all our clothes that we used during the prayer. He said he will leave it in the river. He said that he had removed the jinns from our bodies,but he lied. He came to put more jinns in our body. We trusted the man because they said this man is good. Meanwhile, it was my sister and brother-in-laws contact. He did the prayer for my parents and myself

Now for this past 1 month I can't sleep at all the whole night. When I sleep during the day, I can't get up. I go into a very deep sleep. I get very strong headaches. My left leg pains,burns,vibrates and get numbed up. My back is burning with hot heat. My ears get red. My nose gets red,itches and gets ice cold. My neck itches and burn. The jinns are moving in my body. The jinns are moving in my number 1 and number 2 private place. My private place pains,itches,poke and gets wet. I pass out thick yellow discharge. When I sleep the bed is vibrating and shaking. My mother also gets strong pains in her stomach. She gets very strong headaches. Her left leg pains,burn and get numbed up. She can't bend down because she gets strong pains in her stomach. Her neck itches,burns and gets like a rash. My father legs itches. 

Last week Tuesday afternoon while I was lying down on the bed, all of a sudden I was getting like deep sleep and I couldn't move my entire body. My body was like paralyzed. There was 2 bad jinns that came by the bed. The first jinn was a male. It was short,weak and black. It came and affected me. Then the second one came. It was a female. It was very tall,black and dressed like a african lady sangoma. It had full beads on her head and body. It was talking in a african language. It was praying,laughing and breathing very heavily. It said sangoma sent me to kill you. I had a muslim taweej on my neck,that lady jinn said it is not frightened for the muslim taweej that I got. She said she is more powerful. It affected me for 15 minutes. It came 3 times to affect me during that 15 minutes and then it left me. 

Then on Saturday morning,I had a very strong, sharp,burning, poking pain in the left side of my brain. It was for over 5 minutes. After the pain stopped there was a very loud noise on the ceiling roof. Then later that day the noise came again on the ceiling roof. My head was paining in the left side of my brain the whole day. I had very strong headaches. 

We went everywhere for help to sort our problem out,but it wasn't coming right. They have now figured out why it is not coming right is because they said we have jadoo/sihr and jinns. We have a spell on us. The jadoo/sehr is very strong and has gone very old. 

The problem at the moment now is when they are trying to cut the sihr/jaoo, they are always everyday getting disturbed by the people who did these blackmagic. They said that when they are trying to cut the sihr/jadoo the people are also sending it back again. These people are keep sending things everyday and they are not stopping. They said there are some pandits that are after me and they are trying to kill me. 

I would like to know if you can sort this problem out? Can you break the jadoo/sihr and remove the jinns from our bodies. Can you remove the medicine (pig fat) from my stomach. Also after sorting that out,I need some very strong protection that when these people who are doing blackmagic are sending things everytime noting must come and affect us. Also,the people who are doing these blackmagic for us need to be stopped and be taught a lesson because we are suffering for so long. We never did or harmed anything or anybody. 

These problem started from the time I left school, from that time I am suffering. There are only 3 of us living in this house. It is my parents and myself. My father is a pensioner. My mother is not working and her age is 56 years. I hope you consider regarding our problem with finance. 

My life is a nightmare. I need serious help. I need someone who can remove the jinns from the body. 

You are my last and only hope. I pray that I receive help. 

Please reply back if you can sort out this problem and how much will it cost? It is very urgent. Thank you. Frowning face

May god bless you! i tried to call you on this of your number +27783261944. and you said you are so busy with other client. but i will try to call again.